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Have you ever questioned — what’s the whole point of astrology?

Does its system of concepts hold any truth under the weight of the unfolding reality around us — and where did such ideas of astrological aspects, the zodiac signs and planetary configurations originate?

Curious about the origins of astrology –or- would you like to unearth the connection between the microcosm that is human and the macrocosm that is the universe? Look no further than the Book of Answers.

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Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers holds all the answers to your astrology questions.

  • Where did astrology come from?
  • Why do we still practice it in modern times?
  • What archetypes in astrology can be traced in modern psychology?
  • How does astrology complete a metaphysical picture of the cosmos?
  • And how does astrology resonate with recent scientific theories of the universe?

If you often ponder the universe -or- if you are in search of a better understanding of the subtleties that connect the mind of human to the whole of the universe:



History of Astrology

Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers uncovers the history of ancient astronomy and the practice of astrology. It goes back to the days of ancient Babylon and Egypt!

What separates the astrology of ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, India and China? Find out the difference between tropical and sidereal astrology.

Ancient Calendars

Within The Book of Answers explore the connection between the sky and systems of time—the rhythm written in the stars and planets — named by the ancient Greek philosophers as cosmos — that reveals the mode to our ancient and modern calendars and clocks. Did you know that time and the calendar are constructed based on the motion of the planets and stars in the sky?

Sacred Geometry

Discover the fractal symmetry that builds the reality all around us and how this sacred geometry is written in the angles of astrological aspects. The human body, the growth of a rainforest and the harmony of music are all reflections of fractals, as outlined by the number “phi” or the universal expression of the golden ratio.

Sacred Geometry goes all the way back to ancient Greece with the Platonic Solids. Learn more about sacred geometric shapes and how each fit within the Flower of Life.


Learn how eastern wisdom follows the “negative philosophy” or limitless view of the universe with no need for a single fixed perception or point of view, while western systems of scientific method operate within a limited or “positive philosophy” of that which can be observed and estimated based on the logic of previously established fixed reference frames.


Learn more about cosmologies of early origins such as the ‘way’ of Tao and metaphysical myths like the infinite eight of the Ogdoad of Hermopolis in Egypt — two concepts that draw parallel philosophic connections in ancient times. Unearth those sacred esoteric connections that explain the interaction between “chaos” and “cosmos”.


Do the positions of the planets and stars or astrological aspects actually have an effect on the Earth? Does astrology in fact influence human perception or the manner of all Life as we know it — and if so, why should we care?

Learn why the subtleties of all parts of the whole are so important, and how even invisible influences have the power to affect the reality in a very big way.

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Read Allegory of the Cave from Female Perspective

Allegory of the Cave by Athena

Imagine a group of prisoners chained inside a cave—left to stare at shadows on the wall born from the firelight behind them. A bridge also exists between the prisoners and the fire. Items that pass on the bridge catch the firelight and shadows dance on the wall before them. They cannot turn round and have no knowledge of the source casting the shadows, but they decide to name the shadows on the wall as things. The sounds they hear when each item appears, the prisoners associate with the shadow it forms.

As they sit and stare, many things pass and disappear. The prisoners compete for the title of who can spot each thing and that, and they predict what will come next or next to the appearance of another thing. The game quickly becomes a source of pride for the prisoners, and those who best play it are envied.

One soul is yanked up from her position on the floor. She has been released and lays eyes on the source of the shadows for the first time. Each item is a puzzling sight, and the brilliance of the firelight causes her to turn away. Still, the shadows remain more ‘real’ than the items before her used to shape them. Now she is forced to ascend the passage up to the light, and she resists in distress each moment she rises to the top.

The light outside the cave is such a blinding white that ‘surreal’ is this new world and ‘real’ remains the shadows. When her eyes no longer ache from the exposure of what is bright, the visible world begins to take shape. The shadows are easiest for her to observe then the images of things reflected upon the water. Finally, she discovers each thing itself and quickly becomes entranced by what is now ‘real’.

Rather than absorb everything under the Sun, she prefers to examine the heavens by night and begins to fix her gaze at the Moon and the starlight; until finally the sunrise, and she sees it is the Sun—and then the light—it also must be the Sun. She recognizes that this Sun touches all that is real, and this light is the source of all that she saw.

When she is made to return to her former seat within the cave, she finds difficulty in focusing on the shadows once more. The other prisoners notice her struggle with each blink and laugh as they declare, “your eyesight is shot!” They see only danger in ascending to the light, and instead pass the time predicting shadows on the wall. She seems almost threatening with her strange new sight, and they consider her demise might put them at ease.

In time, they fear the one who will snatch them from the floor and drag them from the shadows that dance upon the cave. Still, she remembers what she discovered in the light. She must adjust again to the world of the shadows. Yet this time enriched with knowledge unbeknownst to the awareness of the prisoners—those who have always dwelled beneath the light. Now she understands what it is that she predicts and triumphs over the others with her new found insight.

–Allegory of the Cave is a parable taken from the dialogue within Plato’s The Republic. It reveals an ancient symbolism behind the impact of education, its effects and the consequences that result from the lack of it in society. Its themes remain timeless as an ode to blissful ignorance and the effects of fear on human perception. This version of Allegory of the Cave is found within Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers.

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Vitruvian Woman

Also check out Chapter III. The Significance of Angles & Aspects from The Book of Answers now available for download at The Oracle’s Library Online Store. Full ebook format with various illustrations of sacred geometry. Vitruvian Woman fully revealed within!

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Get “Chapter I. Introduction to Astrology” and “Chapter II. Natal Chart Basics” from the book Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers set to release December, 16th 2014 with this free download.  With zodiac archetypes, luminaries, houses and planetary configurations contained inside.

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Preview The Book of Answers in full with the First Page per Chapter sneak peek!

Vitruvian Woman

Also check out Chapter III. The Significance of Angles & Aspects from The Book of Answers now available for download at The Oracle’s Library Online Store. Various illustrations depicting sacred geometry and Vitruvian Woman fully revealed within!

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Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers is an inside look at the Sacred Symmetry of the Skies and the History of Ancient Astronomy. Learn more about the myth and mathematics behind the zodiac, and explore one of the world’s oldest traditions with modern philosophical additions that help shed new light on the ancient practice of Astrology.

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The Book of Answers is set to be released December 16th, 2014.

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