Cosmic Astrology: The Book of Answers

is the debut publication of The Oracle’s Library

—metaphysical library and indie

publisher of Philosophy.

Asclepius Rod


Author Athena Keen

  About the Author:

Athena Keen uncovers knowledge of ancient astronomy and cosmology from one of the world’s oldest traditions — astrology. The oracle reveals insight from the tombs of astronomically aligned architecture, from the way of Tao and qi gong, and from the night sky in the readings of radio telescopes that hint the presence of a black hole. She would like to inspire us to ask, what is our place in the universe?

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About the Illustrations & Cover Art Design


Cover Art Design and Illustrations by Anastasiya Drake.


Anastasiya Drake is an illustrator, designer and developer that lives and works in The Bay Area in California.
Her work can be found on anastasiyadrake.com.

 Additional Designs by Illustrators…


 The Cosmic Joker, “The Art of Affecting Consciousness through Synchronicity, Sacred Geometry and Symbolism.” —thecosmicjoker.com

Sam Gorrin scrawls in perpetual hermitudity atop his monolith in Eugene, Oregon. His works are located at www.facebook.com/synchronousink.

Steen draws from a studio in Queens, NY. Her work can be found at steendraws.com.

With additional illustrations by concept artist Amir Mansour.